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Toyota Hilux's with a Lexus 1UZ Swap

Recently, a Chilean friend and I were talking about the 1uz swap that’s being done in Chile, Australia and New Zealand with quite a bit of success. As we started talking more about this swap, and how popular it’s become, I started to become more and more curious about what kind of off-roading vids have been made with 1uz swapped yotas. Here are my top 5 favorites. Starting from least, to most favorite.

For all I know, this could very well be being done in Tocomas and such in the states, and I just have no clue. It’s hard to keep up with wheeling in the whole world.

Number 5: It’s simply my fith selection because it’s not too long. However, the willingness to beat this hilux over these moguls, and put the hp behind the Lexus 1UZ is what put it on the list.

Number 4: This vid made the top five, because of the pure fun these guys where having. While the driver was a bit wild in his drifting and doughnuts (not sure if he was just playing around, or a bit out of control), he sure made driving a crewcab hilux with a 1uz swap look like something I would like to do! I will warn you though, near the end, it looks like they are just showing you some of the sand trails the hilux made. Don’t stop the video short. There’s a cool portion of the vid still to come!

Number 3: This vid was a tough choice as to were it stood. In fact, all of the last 3 where really close. I’m pretty sure that the last two vids just won based on pure length and over enjoyment they brought in a single package.

However, this vid has 3 of my favorite things. 1) A custom Aussie Tray Back Hilux , 2) The cool sound and power of the 1uz V8, and 3) Some nice articulation on the way up this hill. So, when all added up… Even though the vid of this Hilux was a bit short for my liking, it was still pretty cool!

Numer 2: This was my favorite for quite a while. It took some digging to find a vid that beat this one out. Why? Well… One, It has a very mysterious look to it with the fog, rain, forest, and hazy lights. Second, it has the added benefit, that the guy recording this vid makes references as to this guy being the first one to have tried the trail. (Of this group, and in the rain at least.) Third, even though the guy stalls, he made that 1uz Lexus V8 earn it’s worth during this climb. He had no problem knowing when to give it more, and when to re-group. All the slopping around was cool too!

Number 1: My favorite of all the vids posted here. It’s simply my favorite, because of the following: 1) these trucks look like they are well put together. 2) It’s long enough to be interesting and inspire me to want to finish my projects, but not boar me. 3) These guys don’t worry about saving their swapped 1uz motors, and 4) Man… Those trucks sound good! Well, do I need more than that?

Here’s a Bonus vid. It’s not so much of an “Off-Roaders” vid per say… It’s more of a short vid about the mods done to a very cool Hilux, with a bit of detail, and resource info. So, I thought it’d be a good thing to add to this post. If you’re thinking about doing this swap to your Hilux, I’d suggest having a look at this vid.

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