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In episode 8 of Off-Road Independence, I have the privilege of having Tammy from on the show as a guest.

Tammy caught my attention on Twitter and I looked at her blog and found it to be very fun and interesting. is cool because you get to see the growth process of an a women finding her own voice in an ever growing off-roading scene. Tammy's blog is also cool because you get to help her thru your own experience and guide her in the modification process of her Jeep.

On today's podcast, we talk about a number of things. Since Tammy recently went to the Quadratec Tent Sale, we talk about how her first experience there was, and what she learned about the process for the following year. We also talked about how she became a jeep owner, how she got into off-roading, what mods she is planning/considering for her Jeep, and what is coming up on her blog soon.

So, pull up a chair, jump in your rig, or start that project you’ve been putting off for some time, and push play. I think you’re going to enjoy getting to know Jeepmomma. Also, don’t forget to stop by and check her blog out and watch her grow, and

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