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In today’s episode like many, Rick (from and I have an interesting conversation about what many perceive to be off-roading, some of the realities that you find with some experience, what modifications/Accessories Newbies to off-roanding might want to consider for there Jeep or off-road rig. We also talk a little about how off-roading, as a hobby and sport has changed from past to present styling and classifications.

So, we hope you find the episode entertaining. Who knows, you may even agree with us…

If you would like to check part 1 of Rick’s and my conversation and interview, you can listen to it here.

Please don’t forget to check out Ricks Jeep parts & Accessories shop for all your jeep needs at, Also, don’t forget to check him out on Twitter at: @RADOffroad.

On his website, you can find a number of options for the products he suggested in this episode, and many more parts that he didn’t mention.

You can see the whole list of podcast episodes for Off-Road Independence podcast by checking out the home page at

If you want to learn how to do some basic to moderate fabrication with simple tools, please check out my Beginners Fab TV show and home page at

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