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This week, on Off-Road Independence Podcast episode 18, we talk with John Cappa again. Our first topic is on John’s current project. This then leads us into the main topic of the show, which is Radius arm suspensions.

Once on Radius arm suspensions, we go over what a Radius Arm suspension is, why John chose a radius arm suspension for his current project, what the benefits are, limitations of radius arm suspensions, and what components he looked for and suggest for a radius arm suspension to work well.

After that, we talk a bit about if bending your track rod is a good idea or not. Then we move on to some personal experiences that I’ve had in my, learn as I go, DIY fabrication career.

Our topic that we finish up with is one of interest to  many wheelers, and that is, what is a good weld.  We talk about about what OEM welding standards are, and how fabrication welders have an extreme standard at times, for what is considered a good weld.

So, please push play, join in on the conversation, and enjoy the show!

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