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One of the great things about podcasting is that you get to know and meet so many cool people. One thing about podcasting in a genre where not to many people are doing it, is that more often than not, you view each other more as friends and supporters rather than competition. That’s definitely the case with Dan Cole from The 4×4 Podcast and I. While I haven’t known Dan Cole for too long, he definitely has been willing to advice, encourage, and support me and my show. I am very grateful for his support.

For some time now, we’ve talked about getting together and recording an episode for both of our podcast shows together. Dan is busy, and my life, isn’t that calm either. So, when he asked me if I had time late one evening, it was just fine we me to stay up until 1:30a.m. recording with Dan.

My wife was asleep, and there wasn’t anything else that I had been planning on doing at the time. Well, maybe sleeping… Then again, sleep is over rated.

Since the recording session was really impromptu, we didn’t have fixed show notes. Still, I think we both had a good idea of what we wanted to talk about with each other. That’s exactly what we did. We talked about how Dan got into off-roading, how he got into podcasting, and some of what his podcast is focused on. Even further than that though, we talk about the Dakar race, why it merits more focus in the U.S. than it gets, and a little on how Robby Gordon and his team was doing at the time. We also got into some of Dan’s, and my fabrication experience.

Since Dan has his own rig, we decided to go over what he’s done to it, and we also talked about styles of off-road driving, and a couple of experiences. So, in all, we cover quite a bit of interesting information, and I’m sure I’ve missed a topic or two.

I really hope you enjoy the episode, and please remember to stop by my podcast on itunes and rate my show and leave a comment. You really don’t know how much this helps, and very well could attribute to the keeping Off-Road Independence on the web.


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