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A few weeks ago I was watching youtube videos of off-roading when I ran across Ronny Dahls channel. His videos were well made, interesting, and generally fun to watch. Digging around a bit more, I also found his website ( He had a lot of really go information there so I thought I would invite him to be on ORDIP with me. He accepted the invitation, and we set up a schedule to do a recording session.

Setting up a recording session took a bit of wrangling though, a he is some 11 hrs ahead of me. So, when we final got around to recording, it was 9:30 am Friday morning for him, and 10:30 pm Thursday evening for me. Nothing big though, just a bit weird to know that I was speaking to someone in the relative future.

Before even starting the recording session, as is typical with my new guests, I spent a bit of time talking to Ronny about general things. Trying to get a better understanding and feel about why, who, and what, he and his site were all about. Ronny didn’t disappoint for sure!

Ronny, as many of us, has built out of pure motivated for off-roading (as an avid enthusiast) all that he has now. He has a day job too. In fact, he does a few different kinds of self employed work. Yet, he has been dedicated to making time for one of his biggest passions, off roading. Yes, I say one of his biggest passions, because his is also a photography enthusiast as well. This is good for us, because it has encouraged him to spend the time, money, and effort needed to record his trips. Belive me, that’s something!

After having spoken in general for a while, we started recording, and got a bit more in-depth about what he does, and how wheeling in Australia is.

One of the first things I wanted to know, is if the laws in Australia are as strict for off-roaders as it seems to be described on the Australian off-road facebook/forum pages. This, to me, was important to know, so that I could understand and relate to the way wheeling is done in Australia. I also felt that this information would help listeners have a better understanding of why certain mods are not as common in Australia, as in other portions of the world.

When I first started looking at Ronny’s site, I thought that it would be very Australian specific. While, a large portion of his site is focused on off-roading in Western Australia, I soon found out that he has a ton of very interesting, and informative articles, and videos on off-roading topics and mods that can benefit anyone.

With all this in conversation, we continued to talk about how Ronny’s, and his dad’s, site got started, a bit about photography, the perils of mud, a few tech mod tips, and a whole host of other topics.

I have to say that I really enjoyed hanging out (online) with Ronny, and that we recorded enough to have a few episodes from the one recording.  So, while this is the first episode, I can assure you, that there will be more! Till then though, chill a bit, and enjoy listening to the show.

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