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With this topic, I don’t have much extra info to add to the show notes. Why? Well… because this topic is really a number of ideas.

Since each vehicle type is different, and each style of off-roading has it’s own needs, and  peculiar challenges, you’ll have to look into what groups, forums, or feeds, are the most appropriate for you needs. Not only that, but you also have to make a decision on what kind of ambiance you are looking for. Why?…

Just like 4×4/off-roading clubs have there mood, vibe, or feel, groups and forums do too. That being said, there are huge amounts of forums available for your browsing. To be honest, you’ll probably need to be involved in more than one forum or group.

Forums can be as varied as the area that you live, type of off-roading you prefer (ie. mud, rock, sand, overlanding, extreme crawling, competitions, or trailer supported adventuring), and of course the vehicle brand, make or model that you have. Based on all of these things, you can easily find yourself involved in 5 or more groups/forums and still be looking for a forum that fits some other niche that you feel isn’t covered in the forums you are already using.

That’s why Kerry Sharon and I (Eric McGrew) go over the things you probably want to keep in mind when using, selecting, and posting, to groups and forums. Above all though, remember that in the world of the net, there is always a huge challenge to overcome.

I’m referring to the challenge of reading what is said with the correct intent, tone, and character that it was written with. Also, you have to remember that anyone can post on forums/groups just about, so try and make good decisions when taking the advice given on these sites.

With that, I think you can understand where Kerry and I were going with this topic. So, please enjoy, and consider the points that we bring out.



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