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I know you thought that I words where empty, when I said that I was not letting Off-Road Independence die. Well, here’s the proof.

So, after many weeks of all kinds of schedule changes, contract job work, and yes… even an erupting volcano behind my house… I’m finally able to bring you the last installment of the first recording session with Ronny Dahl in Australia.

If you don’t remember, Ronny has his own website running, He definitely is no stranger to the goings on, of off-roading. So, with that in mind we get into a few topics of interest for everyone.

A few of the things we go over are:

-Trail types and seasonal changes/effects in Western Australia

-A few trail stories

-A little about off-roading, and it’s organization in Chile

-Being humble when it comes to off-roading.

-Differences in off-roading styles

These are just a few of the things. Ironically enough, we also talk about the possibility of the volcano behind my house erupting, which it did last week. So, there is lots to enjoy en this episode. No matter if your working, or chilling, I’m sure you’ll have a good time listening to this episode.

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