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One day, while looking at my Facebook, I saw that I had a new message. To my surprise, Jason from Oregon-Trail Offroad, had sent me the message in response to my call out to all my ORDIP listeners. He wanted to offer OTO’s participation in an upcoming podcast.

About this same time, my podcast publishing frequency was been revised, and I tried not to discourage Jason. However, I had to let him know, that it would be a while before I could have him on the show. I halfway suspected him to get a bit disappointing, and maybe even a little bored with waiting. Honestly, I figured that by the time I actually had time to have him on the show with the guys, they wouldn’t want to come on after all.

That, though, is not what happened at all. Jason, being the passionate person, he seems to be (we only spoken a few times thru Skype, and chatted a bit thru FB), was ever willing and positive. He was really positive about the ability to heard the guys together, and make an unlikely Monday afternoon/evening recording session work.  To my surprise, he not only got he and one other member on the show, but even a third member was able to join us. Jason, Cauxby, and Troy where who should up.

I know you all get tired of hearing the same thing. Still, I have to say it. These guys where pure and simply FUN to have on the show. We talked about how the guys got into wheeling, what rigs are in the group, what brought the group together, and mods the group has on their rigs. Of course, we also spoke about what Oregon-Trail Offroad  is all about.

I have to say, these guys have a very unique and cool bases for there group, and new expedition. They told me all about the plan. They also told me how they are going to get there.

So, listen up, you can find out what this Oregon-Trail Offroad is all about. You can even find out how you or your group can help OTO make their expedition a reality. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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