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Sometime not too long ago, while I was chatting with a facebook friend, I was introduced to Wayd Foxon. After not only being introduced to him, but also having the opportunity to chat with him too, I decided that I wanted to have Wayd on as a guest for the ORDI Podcast. Why so? Because Wayd has created, not one, but two Custom Rock bouncers by himself in his garage.

Now, you may be thinking that that isn’t that big of a deal. But it is. See, Wayd also lives in Canada, and doesn’t have the social group that you may find in the southeast of the U.S. to use as an inspiration. Yes, it’s true, today you can use the internet to communicate with people. In fact, Wayd has done his fare share of asking questions, sourcing parts, figured out how to mod special need items, and even used photos online to model his buggy’s after. Still, I can say from first hand experience, when you live somewhere that doesn’t have a strong group of people who think, design, or wheel, the same way you do, it can be hard to convert ideas into a reality. It’s because of this, that I find Wayd’s accomplishments so impressive.

Well, you may be wondering what we talk about in this episode? As you can image, we talk about quite a bit. Wayd and I chat about why he decided to build a Rock Bouncer, his background in wheeling, how he designed his buggies, and what he chose to build the two different chassis out of. So… Once again, we cover a lot. Plus, these topics mentioned here aren’t even all of it. We talk about a few other aspects of Wayd’s wheeling life, and this is only the first episode of at least two! Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to let me know what you think over at my Off-Road Independence facebook page as well.

*All photos are property of Wayd Foxon have been used with his prior permission.

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