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Talking to Ronny Dahl, while recording this episode, helped me to think more seriously about how safely I actually use my snatch straps. You know what? Thinking back on it, I found that I haven’t done that good of a job being safe. So, here’s the deal. By listening to this episode, you’ll get some really insightful knowledge on good safe practices for using your snatch straps. Some of you may know most of this. Then again, there may just be that GEM of knowledge that you’ve never thought of. It could just be what makes your next rescue a safe one.

You can also see more of Ronny’s safety tips and tricks, as well as his off road adventures in Western Australia thru the following links.

web: /



Here’s a vid from Ronny on how to use a snatch strap.

Here’s a vid on how to connect 2 snatch straps without a Bow shackle, and with out it getting knotted up.

We also talk about Ronny’s vids, his site, how he got into doing these vids, and what rescue kit he carries. We had a good time, and we hope you like the episode. Over at, you’ll also find a few videos from Ronny’s site that I’m sure you’ll want to check out.

Here’s  Ronny’s 4-Wheeling in Western Australia adventure videos youtube playlist link.

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