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Triad Expeditions Episode 1

As I was looking over my swam of Facebook notices this morning, I ran across a video link for a new expedition video series. Yep, there's another one out on the loose. That's cool though, each person, or group of people have their own take on what they do. Each group also has a different way of interpreting what they feel is true "expeditioning". These factors make me interested in checking out each episode, and seeing how they will turn out.

Of course, some series, are good. Others not so much. Still others never make it to the final goal. Honestly though, these are a few of the factors that make me want to watch each series.

Watching Triad Expeditions first episode, was only a moderate experience. Why so? Well, here's a few reasons.

Product description:
 Triad Expeditions coverage of what they have put on their Fj Cruiser, is pretty good. They go over the main components, and mods they have done, and what they plan to do. Each component is shown, and the manufactures name and site are clearly displayed. I personally like it very much when people take time to promote a product clearly, and recognizably for the views at home. So, definite props to them for that. 

A couple of things that I would have liked to have known, is what features they saw in each component, that made them choose that particular model/brand over another. They explained the roof rack and rear bumper well. As to why they choose the winch, links, and tires, that was not explained at all really.

While, I know not everyone is super proficient in fimography, shoot... I know I'm not. You still want to be able to watch something, and it be a comfortable experience. Unfortunately, this first episode is a bit difficult for me to watch. A couple of the difficult things about this video are, the audio was a bit low, and the focus on the camera wasn't very fixed. As they moved around the vehicle, the camera continued to adjust focus based on what was in the middle of the screen. This made the focus continue to adjust while trying to refocus.

One thing I can say though, is that the steady cam did work pretty well. So, at least the shots are very stable. Still, this is just their first vid. I'm sure their next one will get better.

I'm very interested in seeing this rig come to life. Triad's interior storage drawn system will be interesting to see. What type of Roof Top Tent (RTT) they choose, Fridge, and how it all fits together will also be of interest.

More than anything, I hope the next episode shows them wheeling their rig, tells us a bit more about the suspension, and tells us where their planned expedition will take them.

So, are there aspects of the first episode that could have been a bit better? Yes, there are, but they are trying with what they've got, and I think they have a solid base to build on. As that's the case, I've already subscribed, and will be looking forward to seeing Triad Expeditions 2nd episode. Why not stop by, check it out, and decide for yourself what you think?


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