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This week, I started looking at Ultra 4 videos. If you’ve been around off-roading for any amount of time, then you will realize that Ultra 4 is relatively new. That is, in comparison to some other styles of Off-roading. Still, I have to thank the Ultra 4 scene. It’s due to this scene that my off-roading interest widened out. I was pretty much into overlanding and crawling before. However, Ultra 4, thru “King Of The Hammers (aka: KOH), got me interested in the racing side and the desert side of off-roading.

If you want to know more about what Ultra 4 is, then check out

In this first vid, we have Chris May doing an interview with Fab for the video. He tells a little about how he got into Ultra 4, and how he has his Ultra 4 buggy set up. Since I’m always looking for fabrication oriented videos, I really enjoyed seeing some of the details he had in his rig.

This next vid was just a good watch. Nitto, along with Heavy Metal Concepts really put together a, fun to watch, video that I truly enjoyed. Yes, it’s a commercial for Nitto. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool offroad/Ultra 4 video.

Here’s an interesting interview with Erik Miller of Miller Motorsports. It talks about how he got into Ultra 4 and off-roading. It’s talks about his motivations and bunch of other cool stuff. If I’m not mistaken, he makes reference to the start up of the Bro-lite series.  Pretty interesting.

I really dig the short course style ultra 4 racing. Due to that, I thought you all might like some Metalcloak Stampede Racing videos. So, here you are, a vid from 2014. It may be a year old, but this is a good vid!

King of the Hammers is definately crazy. 2015’s KOH race was no different. This video goes over some of the highlights of this past years KOH race. Very cool vid.

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