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Four Interesting 4x4 And Off-Roading Videos On YouTube

Unfortunately, I sometime live more of my off-roading life on-line, than I do in the real world. That’s just how it works out. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. Due to this, I had the idea of showing you all my favorite off-road and 4×4 (4wd) videos I had seen this week. Some of my selections may be extreme off-roading videos, and some a bit calmer. Instead of selecting by an overly critical view point, I will be going by my initial/gut reaction. So, here we go!

This one I happened across while browsing thru my favorited youtube channels. It’s from ARB4wd, and even though it’s not extreme in it’s nature, it features a really cool vintage Lancruiser, and the video kept me entertained.

This next video, just by coincidence is about a Land Cruiser too. I’m not as much of a fanatic as some of my post may make it seem. Anyway, I’ve only seen this first episode of this series from TerrainTamer4WD. So I’m not quite sure how it will turn out. Still, the restoration of a rare Land Cruiser, plus 2 family members working together (being about 40 years apart in age), could make for some interesting watching.

Here’s another overlanding video. This time from Australia. is one of my followers on Facebook, and instagram. I’m ashamed to say that this is my first contact with any of his content. Other than on Instagram of course. (Sorry mate! Please don’t hate me.)

It’s a nice 13 min vid that seems much shorter. He does a good job of keeping the flow going in the vid, talks about some fun and interesting stuff, and my favorite part… He’s self depricating (I am too, so I’m drawn to that kind of humor). It’s nice to see some foreign rigs. (Even though the Aussies complain that there are only three rigs you see on the trails today. 1)Hilux 2) Landcruiser 3) Patrols.) Even though Hilux’s exist here in Chile, I don’t see many of them being wheeled locally, and the few Patrols that are here are imported, so not too many of them are kitted for wheeling either. So, it is cool for me to watch these vids from Oz.


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