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ORDIP 032: Wayd Foxon Full Deal part 1

Before you even ask... yes, I have already put up a podcast episode featuring Wayd Foxon as my guest. Yes... we even spoke about his DIY Garage built Rock Bouncer. However, I lost a good portion of that conversation. Therefore, we did a whole new recording. This episode turned out quite different than the first episode posted and includes even more detail about Wayd's progress in off-roading. We even go over his 2, that's right, 2 Garage built Rock Bouncers.

Wayd shares details about the what drive train he uses, and why. We found out what fabrication tools he built his bouncer with. Also, if you didn't know this, Wayd built his first bouncer with ECW tubing. So, why did he build the 2nd one with DOM? Well, listen up, and he'll share the details with you. Not to mention, we talk specs and details of the Rockwell axles.

Wayd Foxon and his wife sporting an official ORDIP t-shirt.
So, I can definitely say that this is a fun and interesting episode. All you have to do, is listen up, or tune in. It's your choice. For those podcast listeners out there, I've got the audio file posted. All that prefer to watch video, it's posted too. Have fun!

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