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ORDIP Videos Ep 1: ORDIP Vids Ep1: Important upgrade for Independent Front Suspension 4x4's (HD TRE's)

We all know the ongoing battle of whether or not an IFS (Independent Front Suspension) is better or worse than a Sold Axle (SA). Today though, we are not going to debate the IFS vs SA topic. No. We are just going to talk about one important upgrade that you may not have thought about, if you are using an IFS system on your current 4x4. In a future article, I'll work on digging up some more information for all you that are looking at doing this upgrade. Till then, here's my ORDIP Video's episode 1 talking about why this upgrade is something you might really want to consider.

I would like to that all those who supported me by allowing me to use their images. Thank you very much!


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