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ORDIP Videos Ep 2: Why Your Diesel Powered 4x4 Can Benefit From A Catch Can Setup

Since I shot this video, I have found even more info on the use of "Oil Catch Cans", and how beneficial they are for both Turbo and non Turbo applications. Fact is, most performance vehicles (not just high horse power, but any vehicle that's working under heavy strain), can benefit from a catch can set up. In the case of older diesels, especially when turbo'd, this is even more evident. In this episode, I go over few reasons why. Pay attention now. There's a pop quiz at the end of the episode. Naw....I'm just messing with you. Hope you enjoy the episode.

To check out Mishimoto's Oil Catch Cans like the one that I bought, see the link below.
Mishimoto Oil Catch Cans

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