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Rebel Off Road Fabrication MFG Spotlight: Total Chaos

At Off-Road Independence, I've heard about many off-road custom parts manufacturing companies. I've also seen a ton of products come out over the years. Some are really good. Others are decent, and others, well...they leave something to be desired.

Unfortunately, due to limited project funds, limited time, specific uses of our off-road rigs, and personal style, I have not been able to use a number of the products that have come out. Fact is, I never will. So, when I talk to trusted off-road enthusiast and friends, I listen to what they tell me about a company or product they've used.

Since Off-Road Independence Podcast was started, I've had even more opportunities to talk with people who have had a lot more experience than I have. Not to mention, the fact that it's helped me to focus on researching off-roading parts and manufactures more. That's how I ran across this video that Rebel Offroad with Total Chaos as their featured manufacture for this episode.


 It's not like I hadn't ever heard of Total Chaos, I had. There wasn't even any doubt in my mind as to the quality of their products. All I've ever heard, was how good Total Chaos was. Still, watching this video, gave me a deeper insight into why they are so good. 

Even though a few different products of Total Chaos are mentioned, they mainly focus on Total Chaos' after market "Control Arms". Since Total Chaos offers both an upgraded Upper and Lower Control arm kit and a Long Travel Kit, detail is given on both. Which was very cool to me. 

Now I understand some of the specific differences that their Control arm kit's offer over the factor kits and other aftermarket companies. Plus, I understand some of the quality upgrades in general. Things like the Poly Bushing in the kits and why their used, the fact that each kit is made of Chromoly, why they don't use a OEM style balljoint on the end of the control arm, and how durable the coating is on their products. All these things really impressed on me the quality of product that they are turning out. 

Not owning my own Toyota product limits my availability to the need for Total Chaos' parts. (Even though, they do actually make parts for other vehicle makes too.) Even so, this video was worth the watch. Find out for yourself. Give it a watch too.


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