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I know that typically speaking, a “rig”, is considered to be a Truck, Suv, 4wd, or some other motorized vehicle. So, before you start looking at the below videos, I would just like to make mention that video #4 is about an overlanding/off-road trailer, not a vehicle. I still wanted to include it, because this trailer had some really cool available options, and they versatility of it was very applicable to vehicles as well.

As you can imagine, some of the best overlanding vehicle build videos take more than just one video to be able to show all the details. Trying to keep this post more focused on cool and insightful overviews, I didn’t include any overland rig builds that where full series, or multiple episodes. All the videos here are fairly short, and show you what all the main components are, and give some of the details too.

If you’ve been into overlanding or overlanding vehicles for any period of time, then you have seen or heard of Expedition Overland. Being one of the more popular, and more “professional” overlanding and expedition groups, they have some powerful sponsorship relations that have helped them to build a very clean, well thought out, and capable rig. With the help of Toyota they received two new 4 Runner, which is the base for their build in this video. Not only are they new, but they are Trail premium editions.

Don’t be fooled though, just because it says “trail edition” in the title doesn’t mean that it’s ready for the “trails” that the Expedition Overland guys will be hitting. This video shows all the new stuff that they are doing to the rigs to get them ready. Stuff like, drawer systems, bumpers, suspension, tires/wheels, winches, among-st other mods. I found the video very well done, and fun to watch. I’m sure you will too!

This vehicle is one of my selections, simply because, well…. Just look at it. How could I not include this one in my selection. To be honest though, this is not a custom built rig that an individual put together. There is a company in the Uk (I think that’s right (?)) that is producing these modified versions. It’s not like most people would be able to duplicated it very practically. Still, there are some pretty interesting ideas in this design. I thought I would include it anyway.

This defender has a some unique features (nothing earth shattering),  like a roof rack doesn’t have to be removed to deploy the pop up Roof tent, some really robust front and rear bumpers, on board air, beefed up body protection, hood (bonnet) standing platform, huge canopy, custom suspension, and really well thought out storage space. As you can see, there is quite a bit that went into this rig. Still, there is a drawback to this vehicle. What is it? Watch the video and find out.

Mountain State Overland did a good job building up this Tocoma for there adventures. Of course, they do to this Tocoma, much of what you expect from any off-road vehicle build. Bumpers are applied, some drawers, electrical systems, and various other gadgets. So, if you looking for some new revelation, you’ll probably not find it here. As with anything though, it’s the style of planning and the thought processes that differ from one build to another. This is what really makes the interesting. Their selection of, not so much an item, but the quantity, size, quality, weight, or placement of said item.

These guys have a very cool rig and video here, so I know that you will enjoy watching it!

Being completely honest, off-road trailers have become a fad recently. They are NOT new in concept. In fact, they have been around since the trailer was invented. I mean, what did people use before cars, and paved roads existed in? Was it not a wagon? Well, a wagon is just a kind of trailer.

Even so, modern off-road trailers can be highly modified, and very practical depending on your use, frequency, style of adventuring, and funds available. One thing is for sure, as most off-road/overlanding trailers, the VMI trailers below are not for the cheap. These are definately more of a premium overlanding/off-road trailer.

Once again, they come equiped with much of the typical overlanding equipment. Including options for food galley, various equipment storage, hot water systems, water tank, propane tank storage, on board air, and trailer top lid. However, even though I’m sure this isn’t the only company to off them, these trailers have some very cool options that you can have installed.

A few options that you can get thru VMI on one of their trailers are, a 4 link Coilover system, queen bed tent and canopy, heated bedding system, sound system, cb radio, and hydraulic ram lid opener. As you can see, they offer quite a few options. Of course, these options come at a price. It seems that a more basic model will still set you back around $18,000 U.S. They may have more economical versions, but you would have to check with them to see how basic you could get one of their trailers. Either way, these things look pretty cool!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not your typical overland vehicle. Still, it is, very much so, an overlanding vehicle.  This tocoma is a purpose built overlanding vehicle, to be used in Antarctica. It is also built to beat a world record for speed while crossing the Antarctica High Platue. So, yes… It is a bit different than a typical overlander. Still, this truck is made to support a small crew for over a week without a support trailer.

In building this vehicle, there are variances in the way that the design process was conceived. It had to be a bit of a mix between a desert runner and an overland vehicle.  Arctic Trucks put a four link rear suspension system in the ride, apparently they tuned the engine, built custom front and rear bumpers, aerodynamic bed cover, and customized the cab and body as well. The end result, is a super cool, and very fast overland vehicle. So, I know most of you will  like this video too.

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