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Inspired by MBRP's Rattle Trap

By simply mentioning the name Rattle Trap, I know you know what I'm talking about. As a showcase build, it's been seen at SEMA, on youtube, and in person, by many. It's well documented that it's not just a modified JK, but truly a unique creation that was inspired by a factory platform. Hearing the diesel clung, seeing the coal pour out, and hear the turbos spool, have inspired and motivated many over the years. I'm no different.

Mainly known as white JK, just before it was to be sold and shipped to the Dominican Republic, it was Line-X'd on the exterior. Other custom modifications where done, and it went for one last ride around the local, original, stomping grounds.

By chance, while cruising thru youtube, I ran across a video of Rattle Trap. This video inspired me to look up other videos. Then, I realized you guys would probably also like to see what I found. As it is, we all do a bit of desk wheeling. Waiting for the days that we can get out in our rigs. Seeing cool rigs like this, even if it's a bit over the top, help me get psyched, and get me thru the day. Plus, I usually end up learning something too.

Rattle Trap, whether you think it's over the top or not, had a lot of thought and good ideas put into it. By watching these videos, I'm sure you'll have a few ideas come to you. If not, you've at least seen some cool off-road related video content for the day. Either way, you win. So, sit back and enjoy the vids!

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