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ORDI Ep 34: Agustin (Gusto) Jimenez interview part 1

Can you believe it… Off-Road Independence podcast has been on the air for 34 episodes. October was 1 full year of podcasting, social media promoting, writing articles, and coolest of all, being able to meet and learn from people in the off-roading community. Many of the folks that I’ve met, are true experts in this genre. Even those aren’t experts have had nuggets of wisdom and experience that I’ve enjoyed learning. I guess I just like to meet people.

Recently, I had the very cool opportunity to officially meet (well thru skype at least) Agustin (Gusto) Jimenez. He was a bit timid about coming on the show for a while, but he finally did. Thanks Gusto! I really enjoyed it. Gusto, like so many others took time out of his schedule to talk wheeling, share info about the off-road industry, and teach me quite a bit. In particular, Gusto helped me understand the difference between by-pass shocks and remote reservoir shocks better.

While we don’t talk full on tech the whole time, we do talk a good bit about the different kinds of Bilstein (and other brands too) shocks, how they work, and for what applications they are typically best suited. Since Gusto has a few rigs, he’s been able to experiment with shock set up a bit. Plus, he has some experience since he worked as a free-lance writer, then staff writer for some off-road magazines.

Now Gusto is driving a company owned vehicle, a F-series diesel pickup. Which, of course, brought up a couple of funny stories. Plus, he has a few personal off-road rigs that he’s build, modified, and beaten on. One of his Broncos provides a unique situation, which ended up being a funny story as well. Believe me, you’ll enjoy them too.

If this didn’t sound like enough, we actually talk about a few other topics, aspects of wheeling, and personal stories too. However, I’ll just let you hear them for yourself. All you have to do is choose how you want to enjoy it. You have the option of video, web audio, or even by downloading the podcast thru itunes. Anyway you choose, I think you’ll have a good time!

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