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ORDIP 033: Wayd Foxon Full Deal part 2

It’s easy to find excuses as to why we can’t do something. This is a fact, no matter the subject or interest. Off-roading, for instance, is a prime example. Whether we are talking about building a rig, fabrication, or even simply getting out and using our rigs, excuses are easy to come by. That’s exactly why I wanted to talk to Wayd Foxon so much. He didn’t make excuses for not accomplishing his off-roading goals. He overcame them.

At some point in time, you’ve probably heard of, or seen, a Rock Bouncer. They are intricate works of art, really. They are know for the style and artistic, while functional, work that goes into their design. Being made mostly of tubing bent to be strong, cool looking and a source of protection to the driver, these rigs are not easy to build. Remember, not only are the afore mentioned characteristics what make a Rock Bouncer, a Rock Bouncer, but they must be functional in design too.

Most Rock Bouncers that I’ve seen over the years could be classified into one of 4 categories. One, the buggy was built by an expert fabrication shop, for and by, its owner or a member of the company to drive. Two, someone commissioned their Bouncer to be fabricated by an expert fabrication company. Three, someone (as a “hobbyist”), had a full on fabrication shop at home, and LOTS o cash to spend. Four, someone made a valiant attempt, but the results were less than great. These are the 4 most common categories that I would say I’ve seen for Rock Bouncers. That’s not to say those are the only categories that exist.

Wayd is a prime example of the lesser seen, and probably, lesser populated fifth category. What category is that? It’s the category of someone who built a Rock Bouncer at home, use good quality tools (some specialty and many not), balanced a budget vs. performance design, and turned out a really quality rig. That’s pretty impressive!

Even though, you’ve seen/heard two other interviews with Wayd, this episode of ORDIP is still full of information. For instance, Wayd tells us about how he was able to make this build come to fruition. Things like, what tools he used, what challenges he faced, design complications, and diagnostic headaches. All things that anyone who wants to build a custom rig will face, and can learn from.

Beyond just the fabrication and building side of the project, you also get to hear about a very funny trail repair story. I mean, can you image getting your rig stuck up in Moab, on your Honeymoon vacation! Yep…it happened to Wayd. His wife must REALLY love him. You get to hear me being Wayd’s “mom” for a few moments about safety. Plus, you hear us both chat about wheeling safety, and things that have to be learned out on the trail.

So, yeah…I think you’ll like this episode too. As always, there is something here for everyone, and I’m sure there is, at least, a nugget or two of information that you can learn from our conversation. With that in mind, I leave you with episode 33 of Off-Road Independence Podcast. Please enjoy the show!

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