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EGR Systems...What They Are And Nixing Them

Since I can remember, I’ve heard about the “awful” EGR Valve system. It seems that every time I heard of someone with a sputtering engine, uneven power distribution, or the like, the EGR system was quick to be mentioned. As time went on, I started to hear about people removing the system. This, of course, was usually after they had already tried to fix the problem 2 or 3 times. Still, as I had no first hand experience with the system, I felt this was a “bad idea”. How little did I know…!

You may be wondering about now, why I told you this little story? Well, it’s because I find that there are still a lot of people who feel like I did back then. They don’t fully understand what the EGR system does, when it might be best to remove it, or the potential benefits of nixing the system all together. Don’t worry… that’s why I’m here.

EGR is an acronym for “Exhaust Gas Recirculation”. Valves control the “recirculation” portion of the EGR system. These valves are the most common failure within the system. For many vehicles they are not very cheap to replace either. Therefore, there is a lot of complaint about them.

Engineers have found that introducing (“recirculating”) burnt exhaust into the air induction system, of a motor, reduces the emissions of a vehicle. This is the purpose of the EGR System. One side effect of this though, is that you lose a good bit of performance. Another side effect is by having exhaust gasses mix in to the intake, it dirties up the induction system. With time this requires a bit more cleaning, and the replacement of the EGR Valves to continue functioning correctly.

These negative effects are why a lot of people choose to remove the EGR system completely. However, before you run out, remove your EGR system, and toss it in the trash, you need to keep in mind that you may need this system installed for your vehicle to pass emission in the area where you live. Because of this, it would be best to visit a local (reliable) mechanic, and get their opinion on, if removing the EGR System would be a feasible option.

If you find that you have the opportunity to remove the EGR System, you should see a noticeable increase in power. This is because your motor is introducing, only, “fresh air” that is not contaminated by exhaust gasses. Thereby allowing better combustion.

After doing your own investigation, if you choose to remove the EGR System from your vehicle, you will need to make sure you block off the ports where the ERG Valve system was mounted. There are a number of pre-made block-off plates that can be purchased on, thru your local auto parts stores, or even some of the more popular automotive performance stores. So, you shouldn’t have an issue finding what you need.

In the case that you can’t find what you need to block off your EGR ports, or you would just like to say; “I made these plates myself”… then check out my Beginners Fab Tv video below. There you will find a tutorial that explains the process and the tools that you need to make these plates. Of all the fabrication projects you can do starting out, this is by far, one of the easiest!

Thanks again for watching!

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