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ORDIP 035: Designing A Custom Fuel System For Your 4x4

Custom fuel system design and plumbing for on John Cappa's GPW project. This is how John decided to organize his GPW to have the modifications he wanted and have a solid and reliable fuel system that he needed all in one package. Photo Credit: John Cappa

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In this episode of Off-Road Independence Podcast, I have the privilege of having John Cappa on the show once more. This time...we're talking about something that he's been dealing with. Piecing together custom fuel systems.

When you start to seriously modify your 4x4, you probably start to look around for inspiration, ideas, and info that you hope will make your build better. It's pretty common that the topic of fuel systems come up during significant 4x4 builds. So, how much is too much? When do you need to nix the factory (OEM) fuel system? Or, when do you mix a bit of OEM with custom performance fuel system design? Well, John Cappa helps me walk thru a bit of what you will want to know.

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