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ORDIP Ep 37: Oregon Trail Offroad Where They're Going, And What They've Learned

Last time I had the OTO (Oregon Trail Off-Road) guy's on, we talked a lot about how they got the idea of tracing the Oregon Trail (as closely as possible, while trying to stay off major asphalt roads as possible.). We also covered the vehicle history, the current rigs being used, and the team member line up.

In this episode, we go over a bit of what they've learned since then, what they are still working on, and they talk a little about off-road mishaps they've had while going out and scouting their routes from Oregon on over to Idaho.

Remember, they are going to do this retracing of the Oregon Trail in only 40 days. This is not an easy task! So, to hear all the details on what's been going on, and what's soon to happen, check out the episode above.

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