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ORDIP Vids Ep 5: Garden of the gods OHV trail and Colorados OHV Permits

Recently, my wife and I visited the Garden Of The God's park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While there, I noticed a dirt road that turned out to be an OHV road that connects thru from the Garden Of The Gods state park, over to the Woodlands Park area. After driving up the road for a couple of miles, we saw a few signs that specified the requirements for enthusiast to enjoy the OHV roads. It also specified very clearly to turn around immediately if you did not meet these specifications. So, we did.

While we turned around, a number of questions started running thru my head about the OHV system. So, I talked to some locals, a park ranger, and looked up some info online. This is what I found.

For more information on OHV permits in Colorado, please visit:

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