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ORDI Vids: Budget Hi-lift Mount Hack

In offroading, there are times when buying a special piece of equipment is a really good idea. Then, there are those times that, even though there are special pieces of equipment, they're really not needed. Today, we're going to talk about one of those times when, in my opinion, a special piece of equipment might be needed, but paying extra to mount it to your rig, isn't absolutely necessary. I'm talking about how to mount your Hi-lift on your 4x4...!

Sure...there are a ton of different kinds of mounts you could buy. You could also mount it to your front or rear bumper. However, I've found that all of these mounts are uni purpose, usually require another piece of accessory or equipment to mount them to. (i.e. hd front bumper with grill guard or light guard, or even a swing out tire carrier.) In the end, the cost of mounting your Hi-lift (farm jack), can get pretty expensive.

Now, I believe that there are times that having your Hi-lift with you is a good idea. Then again, there are times when I don't want, or need my Hi-lift. So, why am I going to spend all kinds of money on custom mounts?

If you feel like me, then here is a way to effectively mount your Hi-lift, be able to reuse the mounting hardware, all while being very cost effective. So, here we go!


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