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Viair 88P Carry Bag

Like most things, the more you pay, the more you get. Buying a portable compressor is no different. Viair's 88P compressor was, for me, a good balance between price and what you get for the price paid. This compressor will inflate up to, 33 inch tires, has a single piston design, is built in a tough and rugged manner, has good lengths for the hose and wires, and has battery clips for the power source. So, for me, this was a good compressor. Especially since I only paid $65 odd dollars for it. I know I said it was $80, but I was wrong...

One thing that this compressor didn't come with though, was a carry bag. Viair does sell portable compressors that include a carry bag, they were all more expensive, and not really what I needed. Plus, for me, I couldn't justify paying the extra cash just for the carry bag, when I knew that I could get one from somewhere else for cheaper.

I ended up finding a 13 inch, wide mouth, zip up tool bag by Craftsman to take care of the job at hand. Craftsman's bag is a traditional canvas style bag, It has a good amount of space inside, and it has few extra mesh pockets on the outside.

When you get the Viair 88p, it's not as though you are left without anything to store your compressor in. While Viair doesn't provide you a bag, they did design the box to be a, sort of, storage/carrier unit. In, and of itself, the box isn't terrible. Still, it's a cardboard box... The box that my compressor came in, started to look pretty worn after 4800 miles of travel in one month. So, I could tell that this thing needed to be done away with. Like most cardboard boxes, it may have held up for a while longer, but it would have been so structurally debilitated, that it wouldn't have provided any protection for the compressor, nor the components. Therefore, I got me the 13 inch, wide mouth, zip up tool bag from Craftsman that I mentioned earlier.

Now everything fits well in the bag, and after having used the compressor, when the piston cover is a bit hot still, I can stuff the cables and hose in the bottom, set the compressor on top of them, and they won't melt. Neither will this rugged bag. I feel that it was well worth the money!

You can check out both the compressor and the bag below. Please remember that these are affiliate links. So, if you purchase any of these products thru these links, you are helping me to keep these videos, and this site up and going. Therefore, please take a gander!




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