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Viair 88p Unboxing

When I leave the house I like to be prepared. Sometimes more than I should be. Living in a fairly remote area of Chile S.A., that was extremely hard on vehicles (even 4x4's) didn't do much to lessen this obsession that I have. One thing that I always like to have in my vehicle, is a good air compressor. It doesn't matter if the car is just for around town, a weekend warrior, a daily driver, or a play rig. If it's got tires that hold air, and I'm gonna be driving it, I want a good compressor in the vehicle somewhere.

So, when I got the Toyota 4Runner, I felt that we needed a compressor as part of the emergency kit. These days, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a portable compressor. Factors such as durability, price, capacity, size, weight, power source connectors, and many others. All of which I'll cover in another video and article.

For my reasons though, I decided on the Viair 88p compressor. The short and skinny of it is, this compressor was right for me, and did what I needed it too. However, the question you're asking is...what do you get for your money? Well, wait no longer. Here is the unboxing of the Viair 88p compressor.

A couple of factors that may, or may not be important to you, is that this compressor is available thru Amazon, and when I bought mine, it was available for Amazon Prime. Which means that you can have this shipped to you next day. Which is exactly what I did. Below you will find the link for this compressor, and a few other models that Viair and other manufactures make.

Viair 88P

These portable compressors here, are rated for tires up to 35 inches.
Viair 400P

Super Flow 12v HD Compressor

If you are looking more for an onboard air system, then these options might be right for you.
Viair Constant Duty On Board Air System

ARB Constant On Board Air System

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  1. Your article is really nice written. By the way,can you suggest me any best air compressor for pumping? I mean something of good quality, for pumping car tires. When cars stuck in highway it's really troubling to push it for pumping from garage.


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