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Spring Creek/ Uncompagre OHV in Montrose

If you venture west, just outside of Montrose County, Colorado, you will find the Uncompagre National Forest. In this forest area, you will see a very different scene than that of the High Desert Montrose environment. Here, in the Uncompagre National Forest area, you see the rims of Mesa's, Pine and Aspen forest, and a number of good Mountain Bike, Hiking, and OHV trails.

Some of these trails are preservation trails (meaning only non-mechanical methods of travel can be used on them. i.e. horse or walking). Others are restricted for 50 inch (or less) wheel bases, and a few are open to all OHV registered (or street permitted) vehicles. In this area, on the Spring Creek trail, they even say that the trail is apt for 2wd vehicles as long as the vehicle has sufficient ground clearance.

Depending on the day though, I would suggest driving the OHV with a 4 wheel drive, over a 2wd, as there are few low areas that water builds up in, and depending on how long it's been wet, a 2wd might not make it out. Not to mention that in a couple of short climbs, there are a number of 8-12 in rocks that you need to crawl (or in a 2wd, bounce) over to get up the trail.

A couple of good things to know about this trail, is that there are very few people who frequent it, and that we haven't found a cell company that has signal in the higher elevations. So, going in groups of 2 vehicles, or at least having a good set of self rescue equipment is a good idea. Also, never forget to take an emergency bag.

While the difficulty of the terrain isn't very high, there are plenty of other obstacles and potential hazards to keep in mind.  This area is very rocky, and has fresh rock chipping off with each passerby. Because of this, there are plenty of sharp rocks to cause punctures. In many areas, there are large sticks that protrude out inconspicuously from the edge of the road, and can easily tear into the sidewall of your tire. If it's been raining, in the past few days, mud can play a precarious role in your travel of the road as well. Up in these higher elevations in the High Desert regions, you may also encounter rain storms that appear from almost nowhere. When this happens, the way you drive, and the danger of the trail can change dramatically. Travel during the spring or winter months are a lot more challenging as the snow sets in, and the road/trails are not maintained. So, keep that in mind as well.

Overall, the trail is a fun easy ohv road that gets you off the beaten path, and lets you soak up the beautiful nature of the area. In a few spots, you can see the rim of spring creek mesa, and the Montrose valley areas. More than anything though, it's just a fun outing, and if you are into Mountain Biking, ATV's, or Hiking, it's a nice place close to town to visit.  


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