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Tower Arches 4x4 Road: What To Expect

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One of the more hidden gems, in a super populated national park, is Tower Arch. The fact that it's almost 9 miles off the paved (main road),and has some of the worst washboard that I've ever come across, helps hide this gem of a site from most visitors. I'm sure that the solitude of the location makes it feel even more enchanting than most of the other spectacular points of interest in the park. Even more interesting, and cool, is that this "Gem", has it's own special gem to be found. We're talking about the Tower Arch 4x4 Road that runs along side of the Red Rock Outcropping where Tower Arch is located, and leads you to the back side of Tower Arch. This provides you with a fun, and slightly challenging 4x4 experience, and affords you vistas that you simply won't see from the main gravel road.

One thing about the 4x4 road, is that many people get to the challenging part, and think they can't make it. That's why I'm here though. In this episode of ORDIP Vids, I'll show what the main trail features look like, and give you a narrative of details that you will likely want to know before hitting this trail.

Before we get started though, here are a few details that the Park Rangers told me that you should keep in mind.

1) It's recommended that your vehicle have at least 10" of clearance
2) 4x4, not all wheel drive, is heavily recommended
3) Since a good portion of this road is traveling through a wash, and therefore has deep sandy spots, it's not recommended travel this road after (or during) heavy rains.

With all that said, here is the episode.

If you don't have enough clearance, they you may want to get a suspension lift. You can find suspension lifts for your vehicle here. (Amazon Affiliate link)


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