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ORDIP Vids: Tips For Hitting Snow Covered 4x4 Trails

I know that no one likes to admit their limits. Still, recognizing your limits can make the difference between being successful, or being a failure.

In off-roading, it's no different. Every year people from all over the U.S., and really the world, come to Colorado, and want to experience the beauty of the high Alps, Off-roading that the Ouray/Silverton/Durango/Telluride areas offer in the San Juan Mountains. With good reason I might add... What I find though, is that a lot of people have no prior, or very little, experience with the kinds of off-roading that is the stardard here.

A few of these common situations/conditions are loose shea rock (shell to some), Tight switchbacks, shelf roads, and snow. Yes, snow is a way of life here in Colorado's mountain regions. Even in July, and August, you may drive in to the lower altitude towns with 90 degree weather only to find that it's raining in Ouray/Silverton area. Then when you hit one of the higher passes, you find that there is snow falling. Or if you come during off season, there's an even greater chance of snow being on the trails. Snow in this area often starts as early as late September/October, and hangs around until at least early June. Sometimes lingering into July.

When this happens, the question is, are you capable of navigating trails that are foreign, tight, steep, with extreme exposure, loose, and snow covered? Well, here are a few tips that you might want to consider before you are face to face with a snow covered trail.

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