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Extra Videos, Content, Podcast And Not Yet Released Videos

Even though you guys are only seeing one, maybe two videos a week, I have tons of videos in the editing process, and I'm constantly creating new videos as well.
Because this is the case, you guys may not see a video until it has already be rendered, uploaded, and waiting for almost a month. Here is an example of one video that I have scheduled for of Aug 15, 2017. This one is just an update of what is to come.

In the Patreon member's blog, I have 3 other ORDIP Videos uploaded for patrons to view, and I'm also allowing them to be more directly related in the content that will be featured in Off-Road Independence Videos.

If you would like to help mold and support Off-road Independence, get early access, and priority conversations with me, then please sign up thru Patreon. You can be a member for as low as $1 a month, and there is not contract. You can cancel at anytime.


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