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ORDIP Vids: Yankee Boy Basin OHV, Wet And Washed Out!

Before hitting the trail, it's a good idea to have some emergency supplies. Here's a few key items that I have in my truck at all times.

First aid kit and seatbelt cutter/window breaker: (amazon affiliate link)

Procomp snatch strap: (amazon affiliate link)

Emergency Fire Starter: (amazon affiliate link)

3 days of Emergency rations: (amazon affiliate link)

Yankee Boy Basin OHV is one of the closest trails to downtown Ouray, Co. It also happens to be one of the easiest trails in the area. These factors, plus the fact that Yankee Boy, Imogene Pass, and Governors Basin all share a portion of the entrance trail, make it a very popular trail.

What's interesting about Yankee Boy (like any of the OHV trails out here), is just how fast they can change. It's also interesting to me how people often forget that just because the trail is considered "Easy", that doesn't mean you shouldn't go prepared.

On Thursday of the 2017 FJ Summit at 1pm, Yankee Boy Basin was fairly smooth and dry. At 1pm the next day, the Off-road Independence video I did shows something very different.

I hope you enjoy it!

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